Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
How large should my company be?
We require five people as the minimum amount in a group, in order to be able to provide our products. There is no maximum limit on how large your company can be, and we can work with you to provide the right kind of coverage for your employees and your hierarchies.
How do I get a quote?
Just get in touch and give us some information about your company and the employees you'd like to cover. We'll need the name of your company, the industry type, the total number of employees, and the age and gender of all employees.
How do I learn more about GLOBALCOVER and GLOBALCARE?
Read more about GLOBALCARE here or GLOBALCOVER here, or contact us for more details.
Do GLOBALCOVER and GLOBALCARE cover diagnosis?
No, both products are designed to provide care post-diagnosis. However, they do cover a second medical opinion from a doctor who can confirm a diagnosis and treatment suggestions.
Are there any exclusions?
GLOBALCOVER excludes any illness or conditions which were diagnosed, treated, or showed related medically documented symptoms in the ten years prior to the start date or relevant inclusion date for each insured person. GLOBALCARE's Second Opinion service does not include GP related services, evaluation of existing chronic conditions, or any mental health conditions or diagnoses. GLOBALCARE's Medical Concierge service does not facilitate access to high risk surgeries and certain cosmetic treatments.
Where is treatment available?
GLOBALCOVER's treatment is available in Europe, Asia, and the US, while GLOBALCARE's treatment is available globally, including in the UK.
Can the policy be purchased on a voluntary basis?
GLOBALCOVER can be purchased on a voluntary basis via salary deduction, but GLOBALCARE is not available on a voluntary basis. Please contact us for more details.
Is there a delay period before products can be used?
Neither GLOBALCOVER nor GLOBALCARE have any delay period after the insurance start date.
Why abroad?
Travelling abroad means that patients will receive the most innovative and respected medical treatments, many of which will not be available in the UK for upwards of five years. 90% of cancer medications prescribed in the UK were approved more than five years ago, and the FDA in the US reviews new drug applications faster than Europe's EMA.

Medical travel is a growing industry, with a recent report from Patients Beyond Borders estimating that more than 20 million people will travel to another country for medical treatment in 2019. This is a 25% increase from the 16 million who travelled in 2018. At Medigo, we've seen the same upward trend, with queries from British residents seeking medical treatment abroad jumping 53% in 2018.

British patients are happy to travel for procedures from orthopedics to oncology, and Medigo offers them the best medical care around the world.

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